More Money. More Mission.

Our mission is your mission. The Institute endeavors to partner with not-for-profit organizations from all across the country who embrace and promote extraordinary missions in their work to advance the quality of life in their communities.  It shall be our purpose to become intimately involved with the comprehensive advancement of these organizations through enhancement and expansion of their overall external affairs activities as they seek to raise money, profile, and capacity.

Facts About Us

  • A consulting firm embracing non-profit principles and sensibilities in their work to enhance and expand the greatest missions of non-profit community organizations across the United States.
  • A group of seasoned professionals from across the broad spectrum of non-profits, located all across the United States, with a common interest … leaving a legacy of helping great organizations engaged in education, health and human services, arts and culture, community service, and all of the not-for-profit arenas, reach their full potential in building out their missions.  We build from a global perspective, while ensuring and appreciating a local awareness.
  • We are a unique assemblage of individuals who truly understand and embrace philanthropy.  We live out “the love of humanity” in every aspect of our lives, bringing education and awareness of established principles and best practices as we assist organizations (through training, coaching, and mentoring services) in their work to raise consciousness, raise resources, and raise capacities to do more.
  • Our program offerings include leadership development, legislative policy assessment and agenda-setting, development assessments, feasibility studies, campaign counsel, grants administration, and comprehensive resource development strategic planning. In addition to our in-residence services, we offer a comprehensive array of online materials in each of these topical areas, as well as serving as adjuncts at colleges and regular presenters at professional conferences.
  • Committed to ensuring an affordable pricing structure, our firm offers the lowest fees possible, a sliding fee scale based on organizations’ budgets, and grant funding (through the rollover of any profits generated into a related non-profit foundation).